My Idolatrous List

Once upon a time, I met a man. This man was absolutely everything on my “list of things I want in a husband.” He scored 100% in the non-negotiable column, 100% in the would-be-nice-to-have column, and 100% in the bonus-features column.

Yes, my list was broken down into columns.

For months, I watched him and got to know him, ticking off bullet point after bullet point on my list. I got excited, thinking, “Surely he’s The One. Surely God has finally brought him to me.”

And then I found out that he didn’t like me back.

I clearly remember running errands that day, talking to God the whole time. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: Okay, God, so there’s gotta be a reason he doesn’t like me. Maybe he will, but it’s not Your timing yet. Maybe there’s someone else who is 110% of my list. Maybe…

God: Charity, why do you have a list in the first place? Read More