My Friends’ New Relationships

This has been one of those weeks where every time I log onto Facebook, someone else is in a new relationship. Must be Spring Fever or something.

I’m glad for all these new couples, and I’m excited that the God Who gives good gifts has loved them in this way. But it still makes me sigh. Part of me completely understands that I have absolutely no time for a boyfriend for the next several months, and I’ve just about given up on the idea of getting married on my dream calendar date; but still…sigh. I’m so ready for it to be my turn.

This week, I went back and re-read a couple of my previous posts (here and here) to remind myself of the truths of the Gospel – like about how God loves me and knows that this season right now is for my good, and about how the God Who gives other people good gifts is also my God.

I was thinking about how God loves me enough to give me exactly what I need now, and how this singleness is not God’s forgetting about me; it’s His showing His love to me. I knew it was true, but it was hard to be happy about it, you know?

Then I read in Ephesians 3 this morning, about how God has orchestrated salvation and trials to be for His glory. Paul (the author) writes out his prayer for the recipients of his letter in verses 13-19: Read More

My Hope in Tribulation

This week, singleness has sucked.

It’s been full of temptation, failure to resist temptation, and sadness. It’s been hard to find anything to be thankful for. I went back and read some of my old posts and thought, Did I write those? They are WAY too optimistic about Jesus.

It’s been one of those weeks where I’m just done with being single. I’m DONE. Yet, throwing in the towel of singleness just adds to the dirty laundry; it doesn’t actually make the towel go away.

Most of me loves having an engaged roommate with a wedding to plan; most of me loves seeing pictures of friends’ kids, most of me loves hearing about honeymoons and midwife appointments and adoption updates. But the part of me that doesn’t has made it hard to find joy in those things this week.

I read Romans 5 last Friday, and I’ve been processing it and re-reading it for several days. Here’s the blurb I keep coming back to: Read More