Wedding Plans Update 06/26/2020

Hello everyone,

You are the first ones to find out about this; Charity is going to announce it on Facebook and to RSVP’d attendees later today.

Tl;dr: We have decided to do a drive-in wedding for sure.


    • As we’ve said since the beginning, if you need to be a virtual attendant instead of an in-person one, we totally get it. The only real deadline for letting Charity know is Sep 4, because we would like to have you at the rehearsal if you’re in the wedding. Other than that, we’re not stressing about who can and can’t come. Just know that whether you come or not, we still consider you a valued member of the wedding party. We are also trying to figure out a way to have a separate screen for the virtual attendants, so you can all be on a different screen than the virtual guests.
    • If you decide to be a virtual attendant, you have the option to not wear the pre-approved clothes. However, please (for the love of all that is holy) dress up and look presentable. The wedding colors are dark red, medium/light gray, and light pink, so please plan to match or coordinate with that.
  • BEFORE THE WEDDING: We will still be doing pictures with the bridal party ahead of time; we will give you a day-of schedule as we get closer to Sep 5 (which will apply even if you’re virtual).
    • You will not be in cars with everyone else; rather, we’d love to have you walk down the aisle and stand with us in the bridal party; there’s a huge awning at the church, and our goal is to not make anyone stand in the sun. Your families (if they come), however, will be in their cars. (side note: we’re going to be encouraging everyone to decorate their cars.)
    • We promise we’ll find a way for you all to hear and see the wedding; we won’t make you stand so far away that you miss out on the wedding by being in it.
    • Unless the State of California or the County of San Diego require them outdoors, we will not be asking the bridal party to wear masks. If you feel it is necessary for you to wear a mask, please make sure it doesn’t clash with your outfit (coordinating with it would be best, but we know that might be a lot to ask).
    • Receiving line: We are going to have all the cars drive by in a sort of receiving line, so we can do photos with the guests (since we’re not going to have a dance party), so you guys can chill while that is happening. Or join your families in your cars or whatever.
    • Reception: Once all the cars leave (however long that takes), we’ll have a by-invitation-only micro-reception. There is a covered area big enough for 3 or 4 tables and a tiny dance floor. You are invited to this reception; however (and this part kills us), your families are not. Exceptions: Lizzie and Kenna’s mom and Rosie and Annie’s mom or dad. The only other people invited will be the photographer and the coordinator; I don’t even think we’re gonna have the DJ come. (So if anyone wants to volunteer their playlist and smartphone skills, please do let me know.)
    • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties (for bridal party members 18 and up): We’re still trying to figure out what this looks like, but if we do have them, they will be on Sep 3 (sometime after 5:00 pm is all we know right now).
    • Rehearsal: In-person attendees need to arrive in San Diego by 4:00 pm on Sep 4. We know the rehearsal will be after 5 pm, but we’ll let you know the exact time closer to the day.

If you have any questions or pushback, we’re open to anything you got, and you know where to find us. Thanks so much for your patience in everything, as we figure out what’s happening.


Charity & Brian