Just For Fun – Roommate > Husband

I’ve bragged on this site a couple of time about my current roommate, so I want to give you an idea of how wonderful she is – and how, because of her sheer awesomeness, she makes me a little more content to be single.*

No but seriously, what man would ever do any of these things:

  • She’s the cook. And she’s good at it, so I clean the kitchen. This means I never have to think about what to make for dinner.
  • She is a fingernail polish fairy (or she’s best friends with one). She has a mental inventory of all of my colors, she fills in the gaps in my collection, and she has never duplicated my nail polishes. Like, I’ll come home from work, and there will randomly be new nail polishes waiting for me.
  • She can come into the dressing room with me. True story: one day, I called her on my way home from work and said, “Hey, I’m going to run to the mall really quick and shop for some stuff on my list.” So she immediately put on her shoes, met up with me, and helped me shop for everything on my list. All the while, we were wandering into random stores with pretty dresses, trying on said dresses, and doing various fashion shows for each other. Best date EVER? Yes.
  • She understands that dresses make me happy. One time when I was sad, she said, “I’m sorry, honey. Do you want to go to Ross and try on dresses? I think that will make you feel better.”
  • She knows how to make high-quality costumes. When I say I want a costume, her first response is, “I’ll help you make it.”
  • She doesn’t share a bathroom with me. Not that sharing a bathroom is a bad thing; it’s just that having your own bathroom is ammmaaaaaaaazing.
  • She lets me have the bigger bedroom. What husband is going to just be like, “No worries, you take the bigger bedroom with your books. I’ll only come in when invited and let you have a space that’s all yours.”
  • She does things for me when my nails are wet. The first time I did my nails after we moved in together, she made me sit there while she got me whatever I wanted, so I wouldn’t mess up my nails. I didn’t even have to ask! At that point, I knew she was a keeper.

It’s okay to be jealous. Just don’t steal her away until we find husbands, okay? (Even then, we might just have to have them move in with us. How else am I going to justify my lack of cooking skills?)

*Compared to living on my own

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