HACKED! Again. And a Happily Ever Beginning

Dear Charity Eldred,

Today I watched you get married. I saw your first look with your earthly groom. I helped you set up for the wedding and got ready this morning with you. Who knew what a journey Jesus would take us on when He gave us each other for 7 and a half years. Now We have others we have been given to and I couldn’t be happier for you! Yes, I even cried, multiple times, including writing this.

I love you. Dearly and deeply and truly. So tell Brian he better catch up and exceed me, that he must love you more than I do (but still less than Jesus). I couldn’t imagine when we moved in together al that we’d go through. Grieving about family strife together. Praying for salvation of loved ones and rejoicing with tears when prayers are answered. You took my family to be your own and I loved how amazingly funny and witty your family was (is). We fought like sisters and loved like sisters-in-Christ. We filled a place in each others lives that I don’t think our husbands can be to us, so you will forever be my sister-friend-roomie.

You have been the best example of self-less love that I have ever seen. I am so happy you get to share that with your life-partner now. Loving him as his wife will be a different kind of love than loving him as girlfriend or fiance. Loving him in marriage will show you a better picture of how Christ loves us as His bride and I can’t wait to talk with you about how your love for Jesus will grow because of this better understanding.

Honestly, I had a whole sappy letter planned out for you in this hack, but I can’t stop sniffling and I don’t want runny mascara, so… No clue where this will go now! Ha!

I love you because you are unashamedly you. You have no shame and you encourage others to see themselves in the same way-with no shame.

I love you because you are a robot who never doubts the love of our Saviour yet never judge others who have doubts.

I love you because you are always wanting snuggles and hugs and watching binge-worthy shows together.

I love you because you love so freely, and it taught me to love deeper.

I love you because you love my family.

I love you because Jesus made you so wonderfully and fearfully, and you never pretend to be perfect in-spite of it. 😉

The amount of things I would want to say to you on your wedding day is vast, but that’s because of how much we have shared together in almost a quarter of our lives. Charity, remember to be kind and quick to listen. Remember to turn off the lights you aren’t using to save on electricity. Remember to taste food as you cook it so you can adjust the seasoning. Remember that I am always willing to go dress shopping with you. And remember how you will always and forever be my roomie.

I love you.

Happy Beginning of Marriage!

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