My Drug of Choice

As I drove home from work today, I glanced down at my left ring finger and wondered where my ring was. Again.

I’ve never been married – never even been on a second date – but I live with this feeling that I’m missing someone. I’ll reach over to the other side of the bed, only to find my laptop or yesterday’s laundry; my left thumb will reach to adjust the phantom ring on my finger; I’ll walk out of the grocery store and look around to start counting my kids’ heads before we get to the car.

It’s the weirdest feeling. It’s like taking an extra step at the top of a staircase, simultaneously feeling confused at the unexpected, and stupid for expecting it. In my nerdy moments, I’m pretty sure I’m living in an alternate timeline.

So I try to fill that gap – with friends, chocolate, exercise, books (so many books!), TV shows (hellllooooo seven seasons of Dr. Who in one summer), shopping, travel, etc. I have friends and acquaintances who have tried drugs, alcohol, sex, and serial dating, and it’s totally easy to feel superior to them. I mean, at least I don’t leave a trail of broken hearts in my wake, am I right?

But – bigger picture here – we all are just trying to fill the gap in our singleness, to make up for (or numb) the fact that we’re the weirdos, the ones who – despite our best efforts – can’t land our men; who haven’t found the women to propose to; who must smile at/stand up with/buy presents for our friends as we watch them march up to the altar two by two, leaving us behind to babysit on Valentine’s Day.

I am so. tired. of trying to fill that gap with people or quick fixes or temporary pleasures. I’m tired of throwing money, time, energy, and a whole lot of tissues into the gap that can never be filled. This is the part where I’m supposed to say, “Therefore, I’m going to start taking care of myself and let the chips fall where they may.” But, once again, that would be another effort to fill the gap – this time, with myself. Which sounds pretty stupid when I think about it.

In all my years, and in all my travels, I’ve only found one thing – one Person – Who can actually, truly fill that gap. And that’s Jesus. All the clothes, shows, parties, and alternate realities that have ever distracted me from Jesus – they’re all just lies. Jesus says in John 14 that He is “the truth.”

The truth of Jesus’ story fills my life story with comfort instead of heartache; hope instead of despair; empathy instead of impatience; love instead of envy…you get the idea. I guess you could say He’s my drug of choice.

So welcome to my blog, and to my stories.

9 thoughts on “My Drug of Choice

  1. Love you my sweet friend – I’m looking forward to reading your new blog launch, and I’m proud of your honesty and of the truth you are going to speak into people’s lives ❤


  2. Yup, yup, I can’t wait to read your BOOK! It’s gonna be a great thing 🙂 Love you, love your blog, and so proud of you! ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Wow. Such truth. Thank you for being so honest and so real. It’s refreshing to not hear the same old ‘just be patient, it’ll happen’ cliche lines. Bless you gorgeous x


  4. I just had to write a comment to you – your blog was shared by a mutual friend, and I have to admit it startled me at first to be reading my own thoughts on your pages! You write beautifully dear, and I’m so thankful to find someone else who knows, and is not afraid of, the *realness* of singledom. Thank you for bypassing the fluff, and for always pointing back to Jesus. Looking forward to reading your posts!


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