A Poem for You All

AAAAAHHHH!!! With the busy-ness of moving and traveling and gaining a new roommate, I TOTALLY did not have time to blog this week.

Sooo…here is a video that was a major factor in my deciding to start this blog. I especially love the bit about not listening to friends and family who are worried about your (God’s) timeline.

Also, two people this week have said something like, “You’re so cute. What is wrong with men everywhere?”

I would just like to point out that I don’t want to marry “Men everywhere.” I just want to marry one person. And, besides being an insult to men everywhere, that idea (when I dwell on it) has led me in the past to believe awful things about my future husband – things like, he must be out there being stupid, he’s goofing off, he’s dead. You know, stuff like that.

So, the “Charity is so adorable. Why doesn’t she have a husband?” question is officially going on the list of things that are sooooo not helpful – no matter how well-meant.

One thought on “A Poem for You All

  1. Charity, you are adorable and I just can’t understand why men aren’t lined up to date you! lol
    love this video- thanks for sharing. and I love YOU!


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