Just For Fun – Roommate > Husband

I’ve bragged on this site a couple of time about my current roommate, so I want to give you an idea of how wonderful she is – and how, because of her sheer awesomeness, she makes me a little more content to be single.*

No but seriously, what man would ever do any of these things: Read More

Just For Fun – “Great” Advice

I’ve been single for a long time – 31 years, in fact. In that time, many people have offered much well-meant advice on how to irrevocably alter my relationship status.

I hear some of this advice (like the advice about going to the bar) so much that I have standard responses to it. Other advice I just laughed off – and then later thought of the perfect snarky response.

So, for your perusal, I present: Great Advice. I dare someone to try some of these and let me know how it works for you. Read More